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Danielle Gillard

North Slave
(867) 688-3264
46 Bromley Drive
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2X8

Artist Story

No one really taught me to be a photographer – I taught myself when I was about 12 or 13 years old. However, I have had some influence from my mom and grandpa who used to take photos.  My whole family has been very supportive through my photography journey but my mom especially.  She is always there to look at my photos and tell me honestly what she thinks- though, sometimes I think she is just being my mom and way to nice, but it still means the world to me.

When setting up a shot, I consider many factors – What I am going to shoot? Do I need to make something feel a certain way? What does the audience need? Where should I shoot it? After that, everything else just falls into place. I want my photos to be memorable photos, even if it is just one.

I love to be able to portray life without being there, creating something that makes you feel like you were there; holding a memory through picture. I guess coming from small community and seeing a lot of bad things related to social problems –death, alcoholism and homelessness – it makes me feel really good inside to do something more positive. All you need is a desire and you can really accomplish a lot.

Artist Bio: 

My name is Danielle Gillard and I am a self taught photographer. Since I was a little girl I remember my mother telling me about her photography days and showing me her work. Once I was old enough, they bought me my first (film) camera and that's when my passion truly began.  I practiced with film and a digital camera for about 4 years until I bought my very own Canon EOS 60D on my 18th birthday.  Since that day I haven't gone more than a few days without going to shoot photos of anything from animals to landscape, to newborns, couples, singles, self portraits etc. My goal with photography is not to make tons of money but it is to show people the beauty I see everyday, through my photographs. 

I traveled to Fiji last June for six months on a marine conservation trip as well as getting my dive masters. It was a life changing experience not only because I was living in villages with locals but also because I slowly started to realize the locals had no photos of themselves or families and it made me really sad.  Another life long dream now is to go back to these less of countries to take photos of the locals and give them copies (free of course) so that they can always have a photo to look back on as a memory.

If I can have one photo that makes someone's life a little better, I know I have fulfilled my dream as a photographer and what ever else comes with it then I am just even more blessed.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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