Crystal Navratil

Artist Bio: 

Crystal's journey North began when she was seven years old. Born in Edmonton, her mother relocated to Inuvik in the early 1980's to persue love and employment. Crystal began attending Sir Alexander Mackenzie School in grade 2 and followed her education in Inuvik right up to grade 12. From an early age she always enjoyed being able to express her artistic side. Her artistic drawing ability was later challenged when she began taking art classes in high school under the direction of a talented art teacher. His careful instructions strengthened Crystal's abilities of expression and drive to be an artist. After high school Crystal attended Concordia University. She obtained an Arts Degree and dove into her studies of Drama and artistic expression. She graduated in 2000 majoring in Sociology with a double minor in Drama and English. Today Crystal resides in Inuvik and works as the Inuvik Community Health Representative. She enjoys long nature walks with friends and her furry pal Murphy. Her spare time is spent drawing, painting, beading, making candles, and enjoying the outdoors. She has been adopted into many aboriginal families over the years and enjoys traveling out on the land and learning traditional skills.


We regret to advise readers that Crystal has passed away. Her profile remains in her memory.

Last Updated: November 21, 2022
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