Christy MacKay

South Slave
Fort Smith
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PO Box 535
Fort Smith, NT X0E 0P0

Artist Story

Everyone has their own type of art and creativity within themselves, and for me it’s making jewelry. I look for inspiration in everything when I’m starting a new piece; from working on unfinished designs, seeing something I really like, or just looking through all of my materials and dreaming up what I could create. For me, creating art has always been a relaxing outlet and a wonderful way to spend the long, dark winters in the North.

I create using a variety of different art mediums: polymer clay, metal clay, recycled materials, beads, wire and various metals. Enameling is one of the newer forms of jewelry that I’ve been trying, and I really enjoy it. Enameling itself is an experiment, as the mixing of colors can be quite varied, and it’s always exciting to see the finished product. The accomplishment of finishing a piece has always been one of my favourite rewards when creating art.

I think being creative and artistic is definitely a different way to go about things. It’s crucial to have a creative outlet in life, and very important to offer it in schools and make it available for younger people. I think, especially in the North, that people show a lot of their different cultures through the arts, and it’s always inspiring to see pieces derived from their background and history. I have big plans for the future, including a larger work-shop and many new tools to be able to create the type of art I want to, and I’m always aiming towards those goals with every new piece I create.

Artist Bio: 

Christy is an emerging artist and has been hand crafting jewelry pieces for the last five years. She was born in New Glasgow, Nova Scotia but now lives in Fort Smith, NT.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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