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Christopher Robson

South Slave
Hay River
(867) 874-2986
#2 101 St
Hay River, NT X0E 0R9

Artist Story

I came to Hay River in 1981 and never left. I guess I’m that particular kind of character that just felt comfortable in this challenging and inspiring environment.

I grew up in a large city and felt the rigidity of high school. At one point it felt like it was just a production and I was following that certain format that schools have, filling a quota. I connected more with post-secondary school because I could focus on things I wanted. I took art – drawing, printmaking, painting, animation and art history. I find my art is still influenced by those studies but also by day-to-day life and music.

My drawings and prints often evolve from ideas that are historical in some aspect, the Mackenzie Hotel in Inuvik, the Zoo in Hay River – they are places and moments that are carved into memories. I often work in the studio with music playing in the background, sound and songs inspire images or an idea to be incorporated into drawing, story line or print

I revisited cartooning in 2012 where instead of capturing historical icons I lean towards more social commentary. There is more freedom and ideas move more fluidly in cartooning. It is intense and focused to carve into wood or do fine ink drawings, but cartoons are not confined by the same parameters, I like that

I love being an artist because it gets me away from the routine of life. We are all creatures of habit and sometimes that routine is more like existence than it is a vibrant life. When I’m doing art I am removed from that existence and put into a more flexible mental state to create and to flow.

Artist Bio: 

Chris Robson was born in Vancouver, British Columbia. His interest in art led him to enroll at Vancouver Community College where he majored in Fine Arts. He later attended Emily Carr College of Art where he majored in drawing and relief print making which became the mediums of his preference. As a member of Malaspina Print Makers Society in Vancouver, Chris had the opportunity to work his craft and gallery exhibits. Chris was drawn to the North and moved to Hay River in 1981 where he has taken up residence. His work has been exhibited in The Centennial Library and the Hay River Museum Society. His career as an artist has been highlighted by a public solo exhibit in the NWT pavilion at Expo 86 and the 2010 winter Olympyics in Vancouver, as well as in collective juried exhibitions at Inuvik's annual Great Northern Art Festival in 1990, 1998, and 2008, as well as the Surrey Art Gallery in 2010. Chris hopes that through his art he will continue to capture and express his experiences and observations of his surrounding.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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