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Christine Tatti

North Slave

Artist Story

Art is part of my life – I have been doing this ever since I can remember. I learned from my aunt, mother, grandparents, and older ladies. Even when I had no materials I would gather leaves and pin them together to make designs. My art tells a story and it makes me feel good to share it. I put a lot of love and caring in making my art. I also pray on it and that makes it very unique. Everyone that does art has a story about what they are capable of doing.

In old days, when there were no phones or radio, people communicated through artwork. Every community has different kinds of art and the art tells the story of that community like a silent language. When they gathered, you could tell where the people were from by their sewing. They all had different traditional designs. Now it is shared so it gets combined – and that is good too. We share our artwork and that is how it gets passed on and continues to tell all the stories.

We have to keep our traditional arts alive. The traditional art is prayed upon and the person who is using the item is given a blessing for good luck and a healthy life in that prayer. It’s all part the Dene people’s way of life.


Last Updated: September 14, 2016

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