Chantal Gruben

Beaufort Delta
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Artist Story

I like to make beaded earrings with contemporary designs. Ideas usually just pop into my head and I have to make them real! I like to make the long fringe earrings. I usually draw and colour a pattern and then make them in real life. The main colours I like to use are black and white, and then I will add pops of colors. Sometimes, I even pick the colours with my eyes closed because there are so many to pick from!

What I like the most about making artwork is that I got most of my knowledge from my mother. She is incredible at what she does and my inspiration mainly comes from her artwork. She inspires me so much because she can make anything! Recently, she taught me how to make parka covers. When I sew, it really makes me feel connected to my Ancestors, because embroidery is where our traditional artwork came from and truly reflects the area of Tuktoyaktuk. 

I find it so relaxing to bead. I just listen to music, relax and get to work – especially when my daughter is sleeping. Even though I lead a busy life, I always find time to sew and I would love to pass this traditional skill to younger generations, like my daughter.

Artist Bio: 

Chantal was born and raised in Tuktoyaktuk. She makes traditional embroidery, taught by her mother, as well as contemporary designed earrings with traditional materials. Chantal continues making art to feel connected to her Ancestors. Besides sewing, Chantal loves to go out on the land, at Husky Lakes for fish camp, or to the coastline for geese hunting in the springtime

Last Updated: November 12, 2020

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