Cecilia Baton

P.O. Box 10
Deline, NT X0E 0G0

Artist Story

I learned to sew from my mother when I was about 11, I guess. I was always good at making necklaces and sewing uppers all the time. Now I make a lot of slippers but I used to make parkas, mitts, mukluk, slippers, vests, jackets and whatever my family needed for clothes. Last year I made mitts and slippers for my grandchildren. I send handicrafts to Yellowknife and Norman Wells. Sometimes when I make stuff it sells right away and it makes me proud.

I find it relaxing and I like choosing the colours for the beads and then draw flowers just the way you want it and picture it in your head. I just do it on a paper first and then if I like it I will put on the uppers. When I draw and it looks really good then I pick out the colours of beads. I like to use beaver fur. I tanned a hide last year but it is hard to get moose and caribou hide. After I finish I really look at it and if everything looks okay that is the best thing for me.

Last Updated: October 6, 2015

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