Cathy Comeau

North Slave
P.O.Box 2914
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2R2

Artist Story

To create new and unique crafts, as a woodworker and contemporary artisan, I enjoy utilizing aged wooden core boxes and discarded core samples in my creations.  Creating items from core boxes (used in mining to store core samples) is very satisfying.  These core boxes and core samples are an important part of Yellowknife’s history and the inspiration for the story of my artwork.

The idea that discarded mining items can be revitalized in practical and beautiful ways is captivating.  Every crafted finished piece is unique; even if making the same design, the final creation cannot be duplicated because each core box and piece of core is also completely unique.  The history behind each craft is as distinctive as the craft itself.

I continue to collect everything that I think I could use in my art…the core boxes, the core samples, paintbrushes, finishes, hardware, etc.,  and then I play with them all until I see things that look perfect together.  While handling the core boxes and core, I think about those people who were and are miners and their children and the history of the materials I am working with.  I am thoroughly enjoying the various conversations my crafts have generated and hope to continue creating.

Last Updated: October 12, 2017

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