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Bonny Madsen

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After completing post secondary schooling and then formal training at “Pros Art School” in Edmonton, Alberta, Bonny opened her own art studio/gallery to begin a full time career as an Artist. The personal instruction Bonny received at the “Pros Art School” which teaches the way of the Old Masters while incorporating modern realistic methods literally opened up a whole new world. “It gave me the direction and confidence to be individual and the drive to continually challenge my potential. It was the influence I needed to truly give me my beginning.”

“I invite you to come visit my Gallery and enjoy its casual, modest atmosphere. I look forward to having you drop by on Saturday afternoons when my sign is out, e-mail or please phone me to arrange a visit.” In addition to artwork, unique souvenir/gift items displaying various art pieces are now being sold.

Last Updated: November 9, 2015
North Slave
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4301 School Draw Ave.
4301 School Draw Ave.
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2K1
(867) 873-3674

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