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Sewing has always been for our sons and daughters and others that are in need. Paul Baton’s first wife, her name was Alina, and in Dene she was called Kwederide, was very capable of sewing. I would watch her sewing very closely and try to figure out the purpose of what sewing means. If she wasn’t satisfied with her sewing, she would undo it and start again. I would ask why because it was so nice and she would say ‘girl, don’t say that.’ She taught me to always make things well or they will come apart.

Long ago we did most of the sewing using embroidery but now we use beads too to create the designs we want. I had many Aunties to check my work and then I would follow their advice on how to put my sewing together. It’s important to have family to help you if you aren’t feeling confident. The learning and teaching are passed on through generations. It’s up to our next generation to learn to sew for their families too. That is part of life. I look at my daughter and she has her own family and has gained the knowledge about sewing for them. That makes me proud.

Artist Bio: 

Bella has been creating all her life. She was taught by her mother and other members from her community. She gets her ideas and inspirations from her community.

We regret to advise readers that Bella has passed away. Her profile remains in her memory.

Last Updated: December 15, 2022

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