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Arwen Dembowski

Artist Bio: 

Arwen was born and raised in the Philippines. She moved to Northwest Territories in 2005 and considers Hay River, NT as her home away from home.

Growing up, she knew she always had the skills in drawing and excel in her art class but felt like she was never really inspired to keep creating art. Her Architecture background helped her improve her technical drawing skills, but she is mostly self-taught when it comes to painting.

It was the landscapes in the Northwest Territories, that inspired her to pick up her first sets of oil paints. “Some individuals are fortunate to know at a young age what they wanted to be, but I am not shy to admit that I only found my true passion at the age of 47. To Arwen “it’s never too late to kindle that passion regardless of age once you found it, go for it and live your dream.”

Developing the skills, she need to create the art that she is passionate about is what led her to enroll on a Mastery Class in Arts. She is drawn to create landscapes and wildlife from imagination. But her muse changes and varies as she tries to capture the beauty of her surroundings – from simplicity to grandeur, calm , serene and to the furry and burst of energy of each subject.

Arwen in her statement “if a viewer feels drawn or enchanted to that something … a sense , a connection , affection, a fund memory to that particular subject - a sense of Home. Then I have accomplished my goal.

Last Updated: September 1, 2021
North Slave
Hay River
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