Andrea Clarke

South Slave
Hay River
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101 Riverview Drive
Hay River, NT X0E 0R8

Artist Story

I like to be creative in any way I can to keep my hands busy. Even though I dabble with multiple art forms such as jewelry making, my heart is always pulled towards writing.

I have already published one book and am currently working on three others – one for children, as well as two novels. I also love to write poetry: every writer does!

The book that I published is titled The Lonely Flower. The idea for that book came up on the spot while I was with my nephew. He has cerebral palsy and CMV. On that day, he was feeling very challenged at school and feeling bad about himself, so I started telling him this story about the little flower that is different than all the others. I went on to tell him how things worked out for the flower and, by the end, he was jumping up and down – he was so excited and that stuck with me. I wanted to share that moment and that message with other kids.

I love that when you write you can create your own worlds. It’s a quick easy and free escape. You can make anything happen. And the best thing is that by putting words on paper, you can let others see what has been developing in your head. That’s amazing to me. If you can spread a message, and help people with it too – for instance, if I can help another child like I helped my nephew, someone who doesn’t have an auntie to go to – that’s what it’s all about.

I get inspired by people who I share space with, or exciting ideas I’ll stumble upon online. I start my creative process by following the ideas that are the most exciting to me – when an idea just won’t go away, that’s when you know you have to start writing about it. Sometimes, that process can take a very long time, which was the case for The Lonely Flower, but it’s very rewarding in the end. I’ve always wanted to be a writer since I was a kid, so it’s amazing that I can say “I am a writer now!”

Artist Bio: 

Andrea grew up in Enterprise, and now lives in Hay River in her late grandfather’s house. She loves to focus on her writing, and dabbles with crafts as a hobby. Andrea published her first book – The Lonely Flower – in January 2016, with the help of her mother who drew the illustrations. Her book is available at the Book Cellar in Yellowknife, at the drugstore in Hay River and sold online at Andrea also participates in local art and crafts sales whenever possible.

Last Updated: January 14, 2019

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