Allen Kelly

Artist Bio: 

I have been creating art for over 4 and half years. I am inspired to create art mainly through the good feeling of commitment to a project and the feeling of completing any one of my works. Also the expression people give me when they see my bead work.

I like to use just plain bead, threads and a needle to work with. Threading all the beads together produces a beautiful piece of art. One bead is only one, but many together is much beautiful.

What I love most about creating art is it helps me to express myself, release me from my depression. Also the dedication of my time and it taught me to be patient but persistent.

The unique thing about my art is I basically taught myself by examining photos of other people’s beadworks and started to develop my own creative way. Every person is unique and every person can learn my skills.

Last Updated: May 23, 2023