Alizette Lockhart

Artist Bio: 

Alizette was born in Dettah, she grew up watching her mother and granny making traditional clothing to give to family members. Though she started practing this tradition when she was young, she started taking it seriously and making it it a part of her every day lifestarting in 2015.

Today Alizette lives in Lutsel K'e where she makes slippers, gloves, card holders, quil earrings, and fish scale art, among other things. 

Note: If you are looking to contact Alizette, pelase keep in mind that she is very hard of hearing, so if she does not answer the phone, try a couple of more times. When she does answer the phone it is very helpful if you speak loudly and clearly. Your patience is appreciated.

Last Updated: July 27, 2016
North Slave
Lutsel k'e
PO Box
Lutsel K'e, NT X0E 1A0

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