Alison Brown

North Slave

Artist Story

My art comes from the influences of northern women who are the real masters of their craft. I was born in the south and moved to Fort Simpson to work as a bush pilot. I have family ties to Lutsel K’e and the North has become a part of me. 

I was introduced to traditional arts by the local Dehcho women while travelling in their communities. I enjoy the creative and social aspects of traditional sewing; it’s a great way to be involved in the community.

My distinctive style of beading can be seen in the colours I choose; they are bright and  lively. I also use scalloped borders and different little twists. I think my real inspiration comes from nature. Flowers keep coming up for me as well as strawberries and landscapes using those bright, vibrant colours.

The first thing I made was a credit card holder with the guidance of elders from Nahanni Butte and Jean Marie River. I now make mukluks, crow boots and do some loom beading. I also make sewing pouches, wraparounds and mitts. I recently made a papoose/moss bags for a set of twins, with beadwork on velvet, deer hide lacing and moose hide 

Last Updated: May 24, 2023

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